Sherlock Holmes- The Resident Patient

"Come, Watson, come," said Holmes,"the game is afoot."

Sherlock Holmes is my all time favorite literary detective. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first published work that featured the character Sherlock Holmes was A Study in Scarlet, which you can read here. I absolutely love the stories and especially the television series with Jeremy Brett. Starting this week, I will begin posting a monthly Sherlock Holmes story. The first story will be The Resident Patient.

The Plot
A distressed doctor, Percy Trevelyan, comes to Mr. Sherlock Holmes to solve a puzzling case. A man had approached the doctor and told him that he would fund the opening of a private practice for Dr. Trevelyan. On one condition: that he would live upstairs as a patient. Everything went well until the patient began acting peculiarly. He became agitated or frightened over many things, although the doctor had no idea of what these things were. He continued acting like this until he finally begged Dr. Trevelyan to fetch Mr. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street. If you are interested in reading The Resident Patient go here.

I like listening to old radio programs. I have listened to The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and Sherlock Holmes programs. While they are not the best quality and don't have the best actors, it is still fun to listen to.

The Television Series
My favorite series of Sherlock Holmes is the 1984-1994
version with Jeremy Brett. To me, Jeremy Brett captures
THE Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy watching him, as well
David Burke as Doctor Watson. Now, here is how I
have always pictured Dr. Watson. Most of the time
he is portrayed as old, fat, and dumb. In this version,
he is Holmes' age, and smart (he is a doctor).
Overall, this is the BEST version
of Sherlock Holmes there is.

The Resident Patient
Caution: Mild Violence.

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