American Idol: Maddy Curtis

To start off: I am not normal, and I have never claimed to be. So 'normal people' hold on to your seats: I have never watched an episode of American Idol. Whew, I'm glad to get that off my chest:) Brett and Alex, you are not alone. But it is from these guys that I heard about Maddy Curtis. The ninth of twelve kids (three of whom who have down-syndrom), she not only has a big heart filled with love for those three brothers, but an incredible voice, too. Check out her audition on American Idol:

Also, check out what the Harris brothers have to say about Maddy.

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Masterpiece: Emma

After a better-than-most sequel to last year's Cranford (Cranford Returns), Masterpeice presented Emma. I was pretty doubtful going in to it, especially after I saw Mr. Knightly (a very young Mr. Knightly). However, after last weeks's first episode, I thought it better than I anticicipated. Compared to the 1995 version of Emma, this one seems to be more comedic and modern. I just can't quite get used to the 'modern'. The rest are just little things I can forgive, but overall (so FAR), I can say this new version of Emma can slide by. My full review will come in two weeks, after it ends. To find out more about Emma, visit the Masterpiece Website.

Discovery: The Beatles

The Beatles are a band that everyone knows about. I knew their name and their popularity, but not much else. Like, what made them so great or even what their music style was. Some of you might think I am deprived for having never listened to the Beatles until now (It’s okay. I get that a lot). I really had no interest in finding out more about them until I saw a spoof of one of their songs (Hey Jude sung by Hugh Laurie). Why did I listen to a spoof before I listened to the original song? I don’t know, probably the same reason I watched Chicken Run before I watched The Great Escape, I didn’t know there was an original. So, the past week I have been hanging out with Grooveshark listening to the Beatles, and I have to say that they have/had something. With a great rock/pop/original style and cryptic lyrics, they quickly made my ‘Favorites’ list, topping it is ‘Blackbird’. Anyway, they will be getting some attention from me for awhile. Have you listened to any of the Beatles? If so, what is your favorite song? If you have not listened to them*, here is your chance. This play list features some of their songs, that will hopefully give you an idea about what they are like. Enjoy!

*Even if you have listened to them feel free to listen some more!

Digitizing Our World

A friend of mine showed me this really cool video about putting physical objects into the digital world. I found it interesting, not only how it was invented, but how it would totally affect daily tasks.

What do you think of this new technology? Is it overly ridiculous or just ingenious? A lot comes to mind about sci-fi movies with computer take-over plots. Should Sixth-Sense technology scare us to a certain degree? Will this give computers a bigger part in everyday life, or will they just become more accessible?

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Happy New Year, and a Year in Review

While it seems like this year just flew by, it also seems like it drug. It sounds crazy, but this is exactly how I feel. I have better hopes for completing more goals this year than in 2009. Writing a full list of most of the things I did last year is, to put it quite bluntly: embarrassing. I say it every year “I am going to create a list of goals, and I will complete those goals/projects before I pick up any more”. HA! Not only did I not stick to that plan, but I never wrote down that ‘list of goals’ in the first place. I hope, though, that this year, I will be more dedicated to completing my set goals (Don’t we all?). However, I did do some things in 2009 that were not goals at the beginning of the year. So, here are some highlights of 2009:

  • Created The King’s Library
  • Composed 5 instrumental pieces on guitar
  • Saw Downhere in concert
  • Read Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier
  • Read Peace Like a River by Leif Enger
  • Traveled to Washington DC to the Rebelution Conference
  • Began interning at my county’s Information Technology Services division

See what I mean by embarrassing? I mean, it looks like I was busy doing, well, nothing. But mind you, I was heavily involved in my county 4H program until September of this year. So between items on this list I was milking my dairy project cow, giving a presentation at three different levels, milking, planning some county fundraisers, milking, helping sew a 4H Centennial quilt, taking rabbits to the State Fair, milking, volunteering at the county fair, and…I’m missing something. Oh! Milking. Other than the holidays, things have quieted down quite a bit. Giving me some down time to actually make that list =)

Now looking ahead to 2010. Yikes. I have a lot more planned than I did last year, I think. So here are some things I will be doing and HOPE to be doing this year:

Books to Read (Jan-June):
  • Team of Rivals by Dorris Kearns Goodwin
  • Heart of the West by O’Henry
  • So Brave, Young and Handsome by Leif Enger
  • Captain Blood, Captain Blood Returns, and The Fortunes of Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini
  • Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  • The Machine Stops by E M Forester
**Summer and Fall Reading to be announced**

Music Goals:
  • Compose more instrumental pieces
  • Write at LEAST 1 original song
  • Record at least 2 songs by other authors/bands

Web and Graphics goals:
  • Design my Family’s Farm Website
  • Design 1-2 webpages
  • Spice up this drab-of-a-blog
  • Design some cool pics
  • Graduate from high school
  • Get more involved in the Rebelution movement
  • Update this blog better

Well, easier said than done, unfortunately. But I am doing a lot of hoping. I’ll just need to keep to the grindstone to get it done. Any big plans for you this year? Do you have any secrets to completing some tough goals? I hope that whatever you have going on, you’ll have a good new year.

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