Discovery: The Beatles

The Beatles are a band that everyone knows about. I knew their name and their popularity, but not much else. Like, what made them so great or even what their music style was. Some of you might think I am deprived for having never listened to the Beatles until now (It’s okay. I get that a lot). I really had no interest in finding out more about them until I saw a spoof of one of their songs (Hey Jude sung by Hugh Laurie). Why did I listen to a spoof before I listened to the original song? I don’t know, probably the same reason I watched Chicken Run before I watched The Great Escape, I didn’t know there was an original. So, the past week I have been hanging out with Grooveshark listening to the Beatles, and I have to say that they have/had something. With a great rock/pop/original style and cryptic lyrics, they quickly made my ‘Favorites’ list, topping it is ‘Blackbird’. Anyway, they will be getting some attention from me for awhile. Have you listened to any of the Beatles? If so, what is your favorite song? If you have not listened to them*, here is your chance. This play list features some of their songs, that will hopefully give you an idea about what they are like. Enjoy!

*Even if you have listened to them feel free to listen some more!

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