Sunny Sundown's Ride

This is my first chord composition.

Inspired by Leif Enger's book: Peace Like a River

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Movie Awards

Recently I have been thinking about movies. I was inspired by a recent post I saw to give out awards to my favorite movies. So here is a list of categories and their winners:

Heart and Spirit:
This award goes to a movie based on a book and is judged on the capture of the heart and true spirit of the book.

BBC Chronicles of Narnia

Capture of Character:
This also awards a book to screen adaptation.
This is judged by the best character portrayals

(Did the characters walk out of the book on
to the screen?)
2007 Jane Eyre

Take Me There:
This award goes to the movie with the best represented land or main area (or house) a book takes place at.

Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca

Music to my Ears:
This need not be based on a book. The best musical
in coordination with: dance, lyrics, and story.

Fiddler on the Roof

So, what movies would you nominate in these categories,
or other categories? What are some of you favorite movies?

**Disclaimer: The movies above are based on my opinion, they are not necessarily my recommendation for everyone.**

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