Weekly Geek: 2009-19

This Weekly Geek was a Summer Reading post. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my planned summer reading which is: 'The Imaginary World of C.S. Lewis'. I plan to read all of his fictional novels, and write my reviews here. Books I have read before, will be reviewed (i.e. The Chronicles of Narnia), except for 'Til We have Faces, which demands a re-read. Here is the complete list below:

I will keep this list of books in the sidebar on my Goodread's 'to read' shelf. I hope some of you will join me in this challenge this summer. I also encourage you to check out some of these cool C.S. Lewis blogs also. Further Up and Further In, C.S. Lewis, and The Window in the Garden Wall. So what will you be reading this summer? Please share!

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Masterpiece Classis: 2009

Well, once again another successful year of Masterpiece Classic has come to a close. Although not as good as last year's, there were several good episodes. This year's adaptations were easy to rate:

#6. The Old Curiosity Shop: I was very disappointed in this last episode! There was little plot, little character development, and not enough time was spent on developing the story. When it went off, I said "Whatever" and went to bed. A very pitiful way to end the season compared to last year's Cranford.

#5 Wuthering Heights: To me, this story was pretty confusing. If you haven't read the books, you'll probably have the same results. Now Tom Hardy was pretty good as Heathcliff, but better in Oliver Twist. Also, this story didn't grip me as much as the others did. My biggest problem with this movie was probably because...I don't like Katherine. Moving on.

#4 Oliver Twist: Of the few adaptations of this story I have seen, this is my favorite. First of all the cast was great. Beginning with William Miller as Oliver Twist, who met every expectation as the character and who demonstrated very fine acting abilities. Then Adam Arnold as The Artful Dodger was absolutely excellent, and portrayed his character well. Sophie Okonedo as the compassionate Nancy, Timothy Spall as eccentric Fagin, and Sarah Lancashire as the corny Mrs. Corney were also good. However my favorite actor in this movie was Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes, who is currently one of the best actors of this time. As far as everything else, the story was complete, the cinematography was good, and the music was...well, interesting.

#3 David Copperfield: This Dicken's classic starring Daniel Radcliff, is definitely a favorite. The screenplay was good, and the actors were brilliant! Daniel Radcliff and Ciaran McMenamin as David Copperfield, Maggie Smith as Betsey Trotwood, Pauline Quirke as Peggoty, and Zoƫ Wanamaker as Jane Murdstone were my favorites. My favorite scenes in this movie are when Betsey Trotwood tells Mr. Murdstone off, and when Uriah Heep is banished to Australia. (That's what I call sweet revenge!).

#2 Little Dorrit: Runner up in this list is Little Dorrit. This was very good, and most of it is due to my sudden love for the characters. Above all, my favorite is Mr. Dorrit, followed by Arthur Clennam, John Chivery, Amy Dorrit, Flora Finching, and Pancks. In this movie, I think the characters kept the story going, because there seemed to be some inconsistencies. Here is a comment I left about this film, on my sister's blog:

I was disappointed in some of the plot, though.
First, Tattycoram's part, secondly the hidden relationship of Mr.Cadsby and Miss Wade, and third how the Gowans were left hanging.
I really think the best and strongest characters in the story were Mr. Dorrit, Amy Dorrit, Arthur Clennam, and John Chivery.
I also thought that Pancks, Mrs Plornish, and Affrey added a little bit of comic relief.
As the for the villain, Rigaud, I thought he was great. He would suddenly appear in, (what seemed like), the weirdest or most confusing times, adding to the suspense.
Overall, it was good, but definitely lacking in areas.

#1 Tess of the d'Urbervilles: This was the most outstanding movie this season! Gemma Arterton, was excellent as Tess. First, she did not portray Tess as pathetic, but unlucky, and she played her character so strongly, that if I see her in anything else, she will still be Tess. Secondly, this movie gripped me. And third, the screenplay was great. Watching it, made me feel so many things. Not many movies you watch give you a 'feeling', but this one did. I was frustrated, happy, sad, and angry all at the same time. This was such a good movie that it is ranked #1 for this season, hands down.

If you watched this year's Masterpiece Theatre Classic, please vote on my sister's poll for your favorite episode this year.

Still Breathing...I Think

Things have certainly picked up speed here. I was thinking the other day: "I feel like Dickens is writing my life story, because everything is confusing and nothing is coming together. Thankfully, though, he is not. God has everything planned out, from start to finish, and in the end everything will come together. For His glory!"

So much has happened this week. I finished Rebecca (the review will follow shortly), I watched the last installment of Masterpiece Classic, and I have started Peace Like a River (which is really good, so far). I hope to get some posts up, this week. No need to fear dedicated readers!

Also, thanks to Matt&Beth, I have gone around with this song stuck in my head all week long. A funny video for LOTR fans. (Ok. It might have been that I watched it at ten o'clock at night, too). See it here. I will post soon.


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