Still Breathing...I Think

Things have certainly picked up speed here. I was thinking the other day: "I feel like Dickens is writing my life story, because everything is confusing and nothing is coming together. Thankfully, though, he is not. God has everything planned out, from start to finish, and in the end everything will come together. For His glory!"

So much has happened this week. I finished Rebecca (the review will follow shortly), I watched the last installment of Masterpiece Classic, and I have started Peace Like a River (which is really good, so far). I hope to get some posts up, this week. No need to fear dedicated readers!

Also, thanks to Matt&Beth, I have gone around with this song stuck in my head all week long. A funny video for LOTR fans. (Ok. It might have been that I watched it at ten o'clock at night, too). See it here. I will post soon.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing that video. That was hilarious. Would it be ok if I post it on my blog?
BTW, the song is stuck in all our heads right now. ;)

Selah said...

Sure go ahead. I probably should have warned you guys that it sticks around for awhile.

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