I recently went to see the Christian band Downhere in concert. The music was great! Some of the songs sounded better live than on CD. Downhere is currently on their Ending is Beginning tour. Their tempo has slowed down a little bit in their songs since their first CD, but they have very thought-provoking lyrics. Listening to the songs, you get the idea that a lot of thought and time has been put into the lyrics and music (RockStars Need Money is the exception). Marc Martel is my favorite member of the band. He has a great voice, not to mention range. He is also the guitarist, electric and acoustic. So, here are some of the songs they sang at the concert, but not all of them. One of their newest songs I have grown to love is How Many Kings. Here they are performing it live on radio (below).

If you are interested in checking out the band more or listening to their music, go here.

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