Weekly Geek: 2009- 24

Though I'm really not very good at it, I love trivia. Put books and trivia together and you've got a perfect match. So I thought it would be a fun Weekly Geek activity for us to come up with some book trivia questions to ask each other.

So take a moment, don't stress about it all, and write down five to ten questions that pop into your mind. You could center all your questions around a particular theme or genre, maybe something in which you specialize. Or ask questions about one certain book. Or teach us about your favorite author through your questions.

You could do really easy ones that you know we'll all get or really hard ones that will challenge even the best of us.

Once you post your questions and add your link here, be sure to go around and answer the questions posted by everyone else. Remember, no fair Googling! At the end of the week, don't forget to do another post with the answers to your questions.

And most importantly, have fun!

Alright, since my summer reading is C.S. Lewis I am going to do The Chronicles of Narnia questions. I will ask 'name that land', 'whose line is it?', and 'name the book'. Please remember there is no googling here! Answer as many as you can in a comment. Here they are:

Name that Land:
  1. "The trees grew close together and were so leafy that he could get no glimpse of the sky. All the light was green light that came through the leaves: but there must have been a very strong sun overhead, for this green daylight was bright and warm."
  2. "[For] when they had crossed the sandy beach they found all silent and empty as if it were an uninhabited land, but before them there were level lawns in which the grass was as smooth and short as it used to be in the grounds of a great English house where ten gardeners were kept. The trees, of which there were many, all stood well apart from one another, and there were no broken branches and no leaves lying on the ground. Pigeons sometimes cooed but there was no other noise."
Whose Line is It?:
  1. "'Thats the worst of girls,' said Edmund...'They never can carry a map in their heads.' 'Thats because our heads have something inside them,' said ___"
  2. "Lie there, vile engine of sorcery...lest your mistress should ever use you for another victim."
  3. "Now attend to me. I want-I mean Aslan wants- more nuts. These you've brought aren't nearanything near enough. You must bring some more, do you hear? Twice as many. And they got to be here by sunset tomorrow, and there musn't be any bad ones or any small ones among them."
Name that Book:
  1. Slave, Tash, Twins
  2. White, Hope, Evil
Now, leave your answers in a comment. I will post the answers Friday. Good luck!

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