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Calling all christian film supporters! April 13th-18th The Widow's Might is coming to a theater near you. The Widow's Might was the winner of the 2009 San Antonio Christian Film Festival. This movie was written and directed by 19 year-old John Moore from Kaufman, Texas. I had the chance to view this movie with some friends a while ago and I thought it was very well done. If you do go see this movie, (and I encourage you to), do not do what I have a tendency to do: Expect Hollywood technology and acting. Don't get me wrong! The movie was fantastic! But if you don't go in with really high expectations, you will like it even more.

Let me, there is too much...let me sum up(I can't remember all of the movie). A young man is trying to enter a prize-winning movie into a film-maker's contest. He is inspired by a widow, and the (unfair)taxation of her land. When he decides to base the movie around her situation, a young news reporter, in direct competition with him, is out to hurt his name and give him a bad reputation. Despite being talked bad about and accused of leading a religious sect, he rallies his community's support and conquers his own doubt, to make the movie a success.

My Review:
While this is not flashy, in-your-face, high technology (which I don't like), it is very well made. The sets are beautiful, the cinematography is great, the acting is better than normal(for low-budget films), and the plots are original.

So, if you believe in supporting encouraging young, christian film makers, to give us the family-friendly movies you want, go and support this movie!

The Widow's Might Website
John Moore's blog
Find where this movie will be playing near you (this make take a few moments)

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