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Google: v. to search the internet via the Google search engine. ex- He googled the person he had met at the party.

Oh, yes. We hear it all the time, “I don’t know. Let me google it”. Everyone recognizes the word, uses the word, hears the word, and writes the word (even though spell check doesn’t see it as a word…there added to the dictionary). I am a Google freak to put it mildly. I google anything I don’t know. Wikipedia is usually my second option, but I usually reach it by Google. I am not limited by it’s search engine, though. I use, Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome, Desktop, Earth,  Sketchup, News, Reader, YouTube, Analytics, Maps, Dictionary, Video, and Squared. Wow, I didn’t even realize how much I really use it.

This being said, maybe you can understand my utter disappointment. The other morning (April 1st), I saw the headline on my homepage (surprisingly its Google was no longer, instead it was Topeka. Now, I can google something, but I refuse to topeka something. It doesn’t ring, it was the worst business move ever, and I will be saying google for the rest of my life! I was almost in tears trying to come to the realization of this life changing name switch. I was determined to find out Google’s reason for this. So what did I do? *Ahem*. I googled it. And who knew! It was an April Fool’s prank!

googleheartOh, I was exceedingly happy over this discovery. I don’t know what I would do without Google. I just hope there are no real name changes in store for the future.


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