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It has been two or three years since TobyMac’s release of Portable Sounds, and I waited patiently for his new release. Okay, maybe ‘patiently’ doesn’t quite describe how I waited. But I waited, nonetheless. Some call me obsessed, but I like to think of myself as- dedicated. I am dedicated to listening to an artist’s music, I am dedicated to seeing that artist in concert, and I am dedicated to promoting the artist (i.e. a blog post). So when I heard about it’s release date, I was even more excited. So my sister picked it up for me when she saw it, and I immediately popped it into the cd player. Let me tell you something: some people get worse as they go (in my opinion), and some stay consistant, but TobyMac just gets better and better and better. He is able to transition his style to make keep it modern for the ‘modern’ crowd, but he also keeps some of his personal style, which is mainly found in the lyrics. In a way he is similar to the Newsboys who have been around for how long? Being able to change your style in little ways, I think, will keep you floating longer. Tonight is by far the best of TobyMac’s works. While some songs are mirror images of previous one (“Showstopper” is very much like “The Slam”), there are still some really good songs on the cd. Some of my favorites are ‘Tonight’, ‘City on our Knees’, ‘Hold On’, and ‘Get Back Up. And there are the so-so songs ‘Showstopper’ and ‘Funky Jesus Music’. But all in all this is an awesome cd. TobyMac’s Tonight gets a five star rating from me, hands down.

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