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image (This is for all my fellow tech-geeks out there). My personal battle between Mac and Windows has been raging since the beginning of the year. I am a traditional Windows user mainly because I grew up with it (what regular Joe in the nineties wanted a Mac anyway?). My family started out with a Windows 95, and boy the excitement when we bought a Windows XP in 2002! Now, I own my own Windows 7 laptop, which is sooo amazing (be quiet Mac-lovers). The thing is, I’ve never really played around with a Mac, so I couldn’t bring myself to call judgment. Well two weeks ago, I was able to play around with my friend’s Mac laptop (no- I don’t know what edition). I had the hardest time! First off it was backwards (or is Windows backwards?). Who knows! Anyway, it seemed, well, foreign. Now if I played around with it more would I like it? More than likely not. I have had way too many bad experiences with Apple software, mainly iTunes. However I really like the menu, and the gadget window~thingy. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing those features were and wondering how I could get a similar one fro my Windows 7. Then last week, my mom replaced our 2002 Windows XP (it had a whole 256mb RAM and 40gb hard drive!), with a Windows 7 desktop by Dell. On it was a dock menu. It was perfect! The kicker? You have to have a Dell computer to run it (what?!?).  So I went in search for a replacement. After several bad menus, I found ObjectDock. This was it! Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. It’s a great replacement for the taskbar…only you have to move the taskbar from the bottom to the top (or the sides) check the ‘auto-hide’ button. It takes a little while to set up, but once it’s finished, it’s worth every minute spent on it. The only difference between ObjectDock (picture) and the Dell dock is that OD does not have a submenu. But overall is a great menu. I would totally recommend that you download it it and try it out. Let me know if you like it or what your thoughts are.

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