Sweetness of Success



image It is so nice to succeed at something. You get the feeling of “Yeah. I did it!”, but it is really God that gets us where we need to go. And, oh, the Lord blessed me with some wisdom, yesterday, that led to (drum roll, please): THE INSTALLATION OF DOTNETNUKE ON WINDOWS 7. I was so happy! After a lot of technical errors (that I will not get into for the sanity of my readers), it finally installed. So, I will be working on my first two websites this summer, and hopefully be working with the Do Hard Things Documentary team in designing the graphics. Please check the ‘DHT Friends’ sidebar regularly, as I will be making a list of friends/acquaintances from my area and on the DHT Forum.

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Welcome to The King's Library! The purpose of this blog is to discuss the books and the music I play (on guitar) fior the glory of my King, Jesus Christ. I hope you are inspired and I pray that God will work through this blog for the furthering of His Kingdom.
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