Yes. I have returned. A lot has been going on since my last post, like always. I have been pretty productive, though (ahem…not as far as my reading list, however). I have become very busy with some website stuff just now. I have also been struggling to install DotNetNuke on my Windows 7 machine. SQL has been the biggest problem with it. Someone said they think it is because I am using Windows 7, but I have seen a few people who have installed it with no problems. So while my own DotNetNuke problems have been lingering in the background, I am working with a fellow rebelutionary in building a website for his organization. We had a little trouble with that installation, too, but we got it to work. Right now we’re working on getting a skin together, and after that we should be able to start getting modules and pages together. So things have really picked up really fast. I am still in school and will graduate in May this year, and I have been planning and planting my family’s garden, and preparing for our farm business this summer. Oh, yes. My reading list for this spring…has gotten nowhere. I have not finished one book! I am a failure when it comes to a reading list. I mean, last year I read two books, Peace Like a River, and Rebecca. The kicker: none were on my list to read. Right now, I am starting to work my way through Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are. My summer list will probably not be completed either, because of working the farm, interning, and building the website. So this is the first of a few post I need to get out of my system. More will follow.

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