Recap of 2008

I was going to start this blog at the beginning of January, and here we are at the end. Even though it is a little late, here is a recap of 2008. First, here are the Top 40 Christian Songs of 2008 (some of my favorite songs are on here). In December, Patrol Mag released a list of the 50 best faith-inspired albums of 2008. This list is a good place to check out some new artists. You can then look up the artist's names, here, and listen to their songs. Now in 2009, you can stay up to date with your favorite artists, and their most popular songs, here. If you are interested in listening to some of my favorite songs, just scroll down to my jukebox.
In addition to listening to music, I also play guitar. So in 2005, I bought an "Epiphone" guitar, played around with it, and kept it in a corner in my room. Last January, I picked it up to start learning some songs. With some help from some friends, I was soon playing at my church. Now, I can play 22 songs, 3 at church, and the rest at home. Here is the list of songs I play at church:

  1. Here I am to Worship
  2. I Will Not Forget You
  3. Mighty to Save

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

If my guitar is not in hand, then a book is. I love reading classic literature. Probably my favorite author is C.S. Lewis. In fact, two of his works (The Space Trilogy and 'Till We Have Faces) are in my top 5 favorite books list. If you are interested in what I have read, just visit my Good Reads shelf, (in the right side bar).

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Welcome to The King's Library! The purpose of this blog is to discuss the books and the music I play (on guitar) fior the glory of my King, Jesus Christ. I hope you are inspired and I pray that God will work through this blog for the furthering of His Kingdom.
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